A new kind of ingredient. A new kind of service experience.

With Motiv, you can depend on consistent supply, delivery, safety and quality, time after time — all backed by the support of a dedicated global team of service advocates and logistics experts working just for you. So you can make the most of Motiv.

Dependable supply and delivery.

Motiv is shipped out by our own dedicated truck and rail fleet, then distributed via our worldwide supply chain to aquaculture operations around the globe. Export options include container, barge and vessel.

Consistent quality and safety.

Motiv is manufactured and shipped under the strictest controls and standards of quality, ensuring the safety and purity of every load.

Major investment in facilities and processes.

We have invested more than $2 billion in state-of-the-art corn wet-milling facilities and innovative, proprietary manufacturing processes that make Motiv a truly one‑of‑a‑kind product.

A team dedicated to working for you.

You are supported by a professional team of trained experts who work for you round the clock to ensure that all promises are kept, supplies are delivered and that your operation gets the most out of Motiv.

A new kind of relationship.

Motiv is more than a product — it’s a promise you can count on. Through an engaged relationship with our team and our reliable systems, the value of Motiv extends far beyond the health of shrimp to the overall growth of your business.