All the functional benefits. All the nutrition. From one ingredient.

Motiv is a highly digestible, functional macro ingredient, derived from corn, intentionally designed to change and stabilize the pH in the shrimp gut to improve overall health, leading to greater feed conversion and gain.

Brings functional value through fermentation.

Through our proprietary fermentation process that creates organic acids, nucleic acids, peptide fractions, and fermentation biomass, Motiv provides everything shrimp farmers need through one ingredient. All the necessary energy, quality protein and nutrition — and all the desired functional effects.

Simplifies your shrimp diet.

Because of Motiv’s functional value beyond energy, you can replace the multiple micro ingredients you may be currently adding for their functional benefits, greatly simplifying your formulations.

Manages stress and resists disease.

Because of its improvement of gut health, Motiv is effective in managing and reducing stress, and improving immune response and survivability.
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Research trials show clear benefits from the inclusion of Motiv.

  • Improved energy intake and gain

  • Improved feed conversion

  • Improved survival in high-stress populations

Weight Gain


Results showed a 19.2% improvement in weight gain. Work performed at Auburn University (2016).

Feed Conversion Ratio


Results showed a 16.3% improvement in feed conversion efficiency. Work performed at Auburn University (2016).

EMS Challenge Study


Results showed that the inclusion of Motiv improved survivability. Work performed at ShrimpVet Laboratory (2018).

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