The Value of Consistency

August 05, 2021

Empyreal 75® and Motiv™ are based on the brand promises of “you know what is” and “you know it will be there”. The cornerstone of our business is to ensure consistent product quality and consistent supply. Consistency is a theme that runs across all parts of our business and unique brands. 

Nutrient Value: When customers formulate our products into their diets, they rely on the product having the same nutritional value with very little variance from load to load. Since our products are a key source of vital amino acids, it is crucial that we have processes and quality parameters in place at the point of manufacture to ensure consistent quality before our product ever leaves the plant. Supplying a consistent product means our customers don’t have to adjust their formulation for each load received.

Product Functionality: Empyreal 75 and Motiv provide improved expansion in the extrusion process that holds kibble integrity at our customers’ manufacturing facilities. Along with a uniform cell structure, it has superior binding and fat coating capability. Our products provide excellent water stability, which extends the time that the feed is viable for the animal. There is also limited nutrient leaching which can reduce the need for expensive binders. By providing these consistent functional benefits, it gives the customer confidence on how our products will perform in the manufacturing process all the way until the kibble is fed.

Animal Performance: The cost of gain goes down by consistently providing a more efficient and sustainable way to feed the animal. Empyreal 75 and Motiv are highly digestible and help to minimize waste or nutrient leaching, which allows the animal to grow faster with less feed and reduced waste. Our products also have an impact on the overall diet to improve animal performance.

Customer Experience: Consistency doesn’t stop at the nutrient value or how the product performs in manufacturing and performance of the animal. We provide a consistent experience for our customers so that they know what to expect. Most importantly, this desired experience has to be repeatable in order to develop trust. As a unique ingredient supplier, our products have to perform on a consistent basis and have to be available to the customer when they need it. We have capability and tools in place to ensure we consistently meet our brand promise and desired experience.

Cargill Branded Feed creates proprietary feed ingredients to improve digestive health and performance for production animals in the beef, dairy, aquaculture and pet food markets. Branded Feed is a segment of Cargill Starches, Sweeteners & Texturizers (CSST).